Lookbook Vol. 7


The present is formed by every second passed.

If you have the one and only chance to dive into the river of time, and magically rewrite your story, where would be your destination?

JILLSTUART Eyewear used “Time Traveler” as the theme of THE INDIVIDUALIST Collection, cohesively infusing the deco lines of different centuries and the bouncing fluctuation of time travelling and creating a unique and astonishing collection.

Time is ticking, live in every moment and be yourself and no one else.


-Mixed-Titanium Optical Collection-


JL33046 C02

The pear-shaped frames with dual-toned color and circuits-liked design on temples, Ambition from JILLSTUART Eyewear lets you see more in the sands of time.

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JL33047 C01

For something fresh and fun, wear optical glasses Journey from JILLSTUART Eyewear - the squared frame and β-titanium temple with delicate cutouts will make you stand out all the time.

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JL33048 C02

The women's optical style Chance features a trendy polygonal frame and a multi-layered design on the bridge, its technologically-liked temples create an unusual futuristic mix.

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JL33049 C03

Express your inner world in style. Women's optical glasses Excitement with oversized aviator eyes and spacious temple design makes you ready to fly high.

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JL33050 C02

JILLSTUART optical style Juncture features the distinctive stepped β-titanium temples  representing the unknown journey of life and encouraging you to put yourself out there.

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JL33051 C01

Grab your suitcase and start a journey full of unknown with women's optical glasses Expedition!

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JL66023 C01

The acetate-made polygonal women's glasses Exploration features delicate dotted decorations at the eye corners for an unforgettable look.

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JL66024 C02

Women’s optical glasses Moment are made of translucent acetate to create a stylish angular face, unleashing your charm together with delicate temples with hollowed details.

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